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As the President since 1967, I felt that I would be the best qualified person to introduce you to our fine company.   Currently there are almost 400 of our hard working team spread throughout the western states getting up each day with the intent of doing the best job possible for our customers.   We define best job by delivering our customers goods to destination safely and on time, by being prepared to answer our customers’ questions promptly and finally by providing a unique mix of services to simplify the distribution challenges of our customers.   Our menu of services include interstate general commodity Truckload which provide about 60% of our sales.   The balance of our business is specialized in the office and home furnishings market where we provide LTL, Pool Distribution, Warehousing, and Dedicated third party relationships in 9 western states. 

Most of our hard working team are professional drivers driving some of the newest and finest equipment on the road which include a group of dedicated owner operators that help us move the goods on time.   Good drivers are hard to come by so we attempt to make their jobs easier by providing them with state of the art equipment, satellite communications, and a fleet of more that 800 air ride 53’ and 28’ doubles.  The balance of our team act in a support role keeping our trucks and trailers safe and road ready, moving the goods across our docks and warehouses, managing information for our business and our customers, and some like my self that have the pleasure of helping to coordinate and orchestrate the efficient flow of our customers goods and services. 

Finally, and most importantly I feel that over the past 4 decades I’ve been able to build and sustain a culture in the people of our organization that is focused on customer satisfaction and a can do attitude.   We’ve all heard the old clichés of ‘the customer signs our paychecks’ or ‘the customers always right’ but in our company it’s not just lip service it has become part of the way we do business.  Over the years there are very few customers that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting personally and I’ll always take the opportunity with a firm handshake to commit the best efforts of our team each and every day.  You can take that to the bank!

I’m hopeful that our visitors will find the following pages in our website informative, educational, and useful.  For those that are just now meeting us, I hope we can be of service.  For those that are current customers it’s been a real pleasure having the opportunity to serve you. 

Dennis Firestone

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