KKW Trucking, Inc. believes that technology tools are a key element in achieving internal operating efficiency; as well as providing our customers with value added services. Our organization’s commitment to technological innovation is exemplified by our thoughtful applications of technology. KKW utilizes reliable IBM-AS400 based solutions to manage its transportation resources and other mission critical applications, thereby providing our customers with accurate and timely information. KKW promotes efficient interactions with our customers and employees through electronic data interchange (EDI), internet mail and voicemail while still striving for the human-touch wherever possible.

EDI Transactions
204 Tender Shipment
210 Freight Billing From Carrier
214 Shipment Status
990 Accept Shipment
997 Acknowledge Transmission Batch
Electronic Data Interchange

KKW understands that each customer requires different needs and customers process their shipping information differently. At KKW, we are EDI capable which allows us to uniquely customize our customer’s needs individually.

Track & Trace

Our fast and efficient online track and trace system, Xpress Suite, gives our customer’s up-to-date information for all shipments collected and delivered. KKW customers can search for information on a shipment using any reference number, shipper’s number, trailer number, bill of lading or date range. Customers can also view proof of delivery information online. Register now to take advantage of this internet tool!

Satellite Tracking and in Cab Communications

KKW has implemented in-cab communications and tracking devices in each of our tractors. This allows real time communications with every driver as he/she is on the road. This satellite communication also gives us the capability to track customer’s freight, driver routes and instantly solve any problems they may occur on the road or in transit.

Trailer Tracking

KKW utilizes one of the industry leaders in trailer tracking, Skybitz. Not only do we have asset visibility, but we are able to improve the performance of our assets, monitor operations remotely and feel confident that our assets are safe and secure. Skybitz can be customized and controls can be set for each individual customer needs.

Additional Services

With our continued flexibility, experience and value added services; we can assist you with any facet of electronic logistics:

  • Information Systems Consulting
  • Custom Data Interfaces
  • Custom Reporting
  • Access via on-line, telephone, fax, email

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